Combined Surgery: For a small and well-defined face!
Virtual surgery result

[ Nose] [Nose + Forehead] [ Nose + Jaw] [ Combined Surgery ]

When surgery is performed not only on the nose but also to remove wrinkles and insert fat, it will give you a small and well-defined face.
Nose + Jaw
When the retracted jaw is corrected with the nose, it will give you a more sophisticated look.

[Procedure on the jaw]
Open the mouth to expose the part to be operated.
Design an implant with the desired height.
Insert the implant and suture the part.

Nose + Forehead
When the forehead and the nose bridge are well harmonized, you will look younger and more cute.

[Procedure on the forehead]
Cast the forehead before surgery and form the implant that will be attached to it.
Open and dissect the scalp.
Insert the implant between the frontal bone and periosteum.

Nose + Fat Graft
Fat is inserted to the forehead to lift folds and give a younger, fresher look.

[Fat Graft]
Harvest fat from the belly or thigh and collect pure fat with a centrifugal separator.
Collect stem cells from the refined fat.
Insert fat and then insert stem cells to lift folds.