First session (50 minutes)
Since the skin is very sensitive during the first session, efforts are made to irritate the skin as little as possible.
Second to fourth sessions (50 minutes)
Ultrasonic massage is used to remove pain and revitalize the skin.
Fifth session (60 minutes)
Since the skin recovers much by this point, the face is massaged for better circulation and elasticity.
Type and Effect of the Care System
Thermal effect / Blood vessel expansion and blood flow increase / Increased metabolism / Pain removal / Fine massage
[He-Ne Laser]
Collagen generation / Fibroblast activation / Increased DNA synthesis for better cell generation

Thanks to above effects, 1) damaged nerves are activated and blood vessel generation are increased, 2) injuries are healed, and 3) edema is reduced.
Waste material discharge (toxic material and heavy metal) / Better blood circulation for improved immunity / Swelling and pain relief.
Detox : Stimulate all muscles to remove toxic materials from the body.
Muscle stimulation: Lift up idle muscles. Activate blood circulation. Enhance muscle elasticity (instant lift-up, wrinkle minization)
Fill-in : Fill in empty space with muscles.
Various neurotransmitters improve hormone secretion and remove waste materials.
Facilitate immunity functions.
Effective for atopy and skin care.