Ptosis Correction
If your upper eyelid covers your pupil too much, this gives you a tired look. If it becomes worse, it reaches a point where you cannot open your eyes and this is called blepharoptosis.

It is more common that you cannot open one eye, making your eyes asymmetric. If double eyelid surgery is performed on such eyes, eyelids becomes symmetric and are more likely to be untied.
▶ Though double eyelids are produced through burial or incision, iptosis correction can be helpful if they are not clearly defined due to weak eyelid lifting strength.
Since your eyes are not fully closed after ptosis correction, you may sleep with your eyes open. However, this will improve with time. If you want double eyelids, only the levator palpebrae superioris muscle can be corrected. However, very small double eyelids can be produced.