Regain confidence with a manly chest!

Feature :
Men can develop big breasts like women. This can be surgically cured to regain confidence.
Cause :
Gynecomastia is mostly caused by an abnormal hormone secretion. During puberty, sex hormone secretion increases greatly. During this period, men also experience a temporary increase in estrogen and their breasts are enlarged a little. However, they become smaller again after puberty. If the breasts do not get smaller, it is a symptom of gynecomastia. Hyperthyroidism, liver disorder, and kidney disorder can have greatly increase the enlargement of the breasts. Also, the intake of steroid, hormonal agents, peptic ulcer cure, and sedative and hypertension cure can temporarily make the breasts bigger.

Procedure :
The only solution for gynecomastia is to remove galactocele or fat cells.
Both galactocele and fat cells are removed surgically. Galactocele can be removed by opening the areola. Since the areola is dark and has small spurs, surgery scars will not be visible.
If too much galactocele or fat cells are left, the breasts will remain enlarged. On the other hand, if they too much is removed, the chest will have the appearance of having a dent. The key to this procedure is to leave the right amount of fat in order to create a flat chest.
* Surgery takes around one hour and the patient is fully anesthetized. The patient can resume a normal life right after surgery.