Breast Ptosis Correction
Young and elastic breasts!

Features :
After pregnancy and breast feeding, the breasts lose elasticity and become droopy. In general, when the nipples are below the breast center, it is called breast ptosis. By lifting up the droopy breasts, the breasts can regain elasticity and youth.
Self Diagnosis :
Fold under the breast
Stage 1 : Normal / Stage 2 : A little droopy / Stage 3 : Medium droopy / Stage 4 : Severely droopy
By checking the nipple position from the fold under the breast, you can see how much your breasts are lowered. In normal conditions, the nipple should be four to five centimeters above the fold under the breast. If the nipple is not within this range, it requires surgical correction.
Procedure :
Various techniques are applied according to the breasts' shape, size, and droopiness.
- Incise only the droopy skin.
- Incise the droopy skin and insert prostheses.
- Insert only prostheses.