Combined Surgery
Combined Surgery Gives You All-Round Confidence!
Feature :
Combined surgery on the square jaw, zygoma, facial contour, neck, and forehead removes your weaknesses and gives you a beautiful and confident line.
Parts for combined surgery / After combined surgery
Combined Surgery :
Square jaw / V-line / Zygoma / Forehead / Receding jaw + Eye / Nose / Fat craft
Compared to Caucasian Westerners, Asians don have well-defined faces.
Oculoplastic surgery and rhinoplasty can give you more definition. Recently, many patients resort to combined surgery which covers not only the eyes and nose, but also the forehead, jaw, and folds.
Since combined surgery adds more volume to your face, it makes your face smaller, younger, and sleeker.
You too can have soft contours from forehead to jaw.
Case 1: Jaw / Nose / Nose / Forehead / Fat Craft
1. Eye (Ptosis Correction)
The sleepy and tired double eyelids are corrected to make your eyes bigger and clearer.
2. Nose (Hawk Nose)
A hump is removed to create a sleek nose bridge. The nose becomes pretty and natural resulting in a more beautiful face.
3. Forehead (Prosthesis)
Before surgery, the face was wider. After the prosthesis is inserted to the forehead, the face has volume. This also gives an elegant look.
4. Jaw (V-line)
The square jaw turns into a slim jaw.

Case 2: Nose / Receding Jaw
After surgery on the eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw and forehead that defines the patient’s look, the third image is created.