V-Line Surgery
The wide side jaw makes your face look dull from the front.

This procedure gives you a V-line and makes your front face narrow and slim.
‘Magic Pin V-Line Surgery’
[The pin does not show on an X-ray six months after V-line surgery]
The magic pin used in V-line surgery dissolves after a certain period of time. After fixing the bones, it takes around six months for the pin to disappear. After that, the pin does not appear even on an X-ray.
Procedure :
Before surgery, design the line that is suitable for the patient.
The mental ossicle is horizontally cut and vertically cut twice. Then the central part is removed. The bones on both sides are brought together to reduce the width of the mental ossicle. Any protruding parts from the mandible are removed.

The jaw has a slim line to give a softer look. The front jaw is narrowed and asymmetry is corrected to make the face small and slim.

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