Fat Graft with Stem Cells
Volume Increase for a Younger Look!
Unique fat graft with stem cells
Fat Graft with Stem Cells?
In this cutting-edge procedure, which is different from the conventional procedure where only fat are used, stem cells are extracted from harvested fat and inserted into the surgery area. This way, the fat graft becomes more effective.
Feature :.
Fat that can be used safely and permanently is used to give volume to the forehead, cheeks, jaw, and zygomas.
[Fat Graft Over the Whole Face]
Older and tired look because of fat deficiency / Added fat makes a comfortable and soft look
Sharp image due to thin cheeks and deep wrinkles / Added fat makes a mild look
Apgujeong Seoul’s Unique Fat Graft
Maximum volume enlargement.
Low absorption rate and high longevity rate.
Anti-aging and skin regeneration.
The free second fat graft will give you more satisfaction.
Liposuction and Centrifugal Separation
Pure fat
Harvest fat from the belly and thighs to collect pure fat through centrifugal separation.
Stem Cell Extraction :
Extract stem cells from refined fat.
Fat Injection :
Inject pure fat and stem cells to give your face volume.
Fat-injected area
Forehead, levator palpebrae superioris muscle, palpebra inferior, nose, cheeks, lips, lower jaw

Strong and tired look due to fat reduction / Added fat creates a mild and fresh look
Tired look due to fat reduction / Added fat creates a mild and soft look