Advanced surgery equipmen
Anesthetic System
As there is a full-time anesthesia specialist, we can respond quickly to emergency situations and minimize pain with painless shots. Infusion pump: This equipment injects a predefined amount of anesthetic to a patient in a specified interval to anesthetize the patient painlessly.
As the space and location of prosthesis are precisely checked with naked eyes through endoscopic equipment, unnecessary dissections can be avoided with only the necessary parts being dissected three-dimensionally to minimize pain and bleeding. Endoscopic camera
Liposuction Set
The Erchonia laser that dissolves fat without skin damage can be used effectively for post-liposuction treatment and is imported with the FDA’s approval. The Erchonia laser is not a hot laser which burns but a cold laser that dissolves fat. Lipotrains body / Centrifugal separator / Erchonia laser
Equipment for patients’ convenience and pain reduction
With the use of equipment to ensure patients’ safety when there are no nurses or guardians present, we minimize pain and provide safe a environment.
Self Pain Controller
? This device controls pain that may the patient after breast or buttock surgery. Once time and intervals are set by the computer, the painkiller is injected automatically.
Patient Monitoring Equipment
? While a patient is under surgery or hospitalized, this equipment checks the patient’s heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and ECG for 24 hours, whilst alarming the staff if any there are any abnormalities.
LPG Endomology
As a machine to treat patients who undergo liposuction, this equipment removes edemas, ameliorates cellulite, and dissolves fat.
This equipment is designed to apply an electric shock to a patient by placing pads on the patient’s chest.
Oxygen Supplier to Sickbeds
This equipment supplies oxygen for patients who undergo surgery. Since it is located above the bed, it is very useful for emergency situations.
Emergency Kit
Emergency kits are prepared for emergency patients.