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Subject Upper Blepharoplasty, SMAS face/neck lifts
I am a 57 years old Vietnamese woman. My height is 163cm, and I weigh 55kg. I am in excellent health. I doní»t smoke doní»t drink and exercise five times a week. I am not on any medication. Attached are more recent pictures.
I've had rhinoplasty (1990) in the US, breast augmentation (2000) in the US, blephanoplasty (2003) inVietnam, lower face skin tightening (2003) in Vietnam, liposuction (2010) in the US.

I will be in Korea August 20-22 for a f2f consultation then come back a month later for the surgery. I can stay as long as three to four weeks.
I had blephanoplastyback in 2003 but the skin above my eyes have drooped plus I am unhappy with the stitches that were done in 2003. They arení»t smooth so I want to have the lose skin/fat removed and redo the stitches for smoother eyelids. I also have lose skin and fat around the jowl areas so I would like to have some fat remove there and below the chin then pull the skin back to tighten the jaw line (maybe SMAS or lower facelift with some liposuction?)

Ií»d like a quote on the price, the procedures, what are the post-operations like, and do you suggest any post-operation care and stay? It is best to kakaotalk me at ID ut691962.

Thank you.

Thank you for your inquiry!
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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