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Subject Eyeshape surgery
Hi, I am looking for a surgeon who is qualified to help me with my assymetrical eyeshape. I have had this issue as long as I can remeber and even til this day I have my hair in a ponytail to get a bit of a lift to my eyes. As you can see in the picture the lareral corners of my eyes are pulling downwards and changes (to the worse) as soon as I get a little tired. The second issue I have is the upper eyelid where i have hollowness towards the medial part of my eye compared to lateral but also the fact that it feels like my upper eyelid is "too long" hanging over my eye. The third issue is towards the medial part of the lower lid I can se that my lid is going a bit upwards and want it to be pulled a bit downwards to increase the almond/pulled looking eyes.

These are just my observations and studies of my own eyes. I would love to hear your oppinion on how you would or even if it is possible to treat these areas with the least possible risks/complications.

Kind regards, Shilan

Thanks for your inquiry!
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