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Subject Interested in the multiple surgeries
I am interested in finding out what kind of prices and arrangements you have for a patient flying overseas from the US.

I'm looking to have surgery in early December (December 1th - 10th). What is the recommended time that suggest a patient stay?

The surgery I am looking to have done is v-line facial contouring and genioplasty
double eyelid surgery with canthoplasty/epicanthoplasty. I am also looking for prices regarding rhinoplasty, specifically to raise the bridge and narrow the nose. I would also like to do fat grafting under the eyes and around the forehead.

Do you offer discounts for multiple surgeries at once? Can you break down the cost individually?
What further information do you need from me to get this process started?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi, thanks for your e-mail.

In early December( December 1st-10th) , We recommeded 7-10days to stay.

If you send us your photos( front side/45angle side/ 90 angle side - totally 3photos), it will be possible to diagnose your state and estimate the price.

Also, I wonder your genioplasty. there are two kinds of genioplasty. One is genioplasty - bone sugery, the other is genioplasty - augmentation(implant the augmentation) surgery. Let me know which do you want. We need more specific information.

Lastly I just want to make sure that you already decide to do the v-line facial contouring and genioplasty, double eyelid surgery with canthoplasty/epicanthoplasty and consider about the Rhinoplasty and fat grafting under the eyes and around the forehead. Am I right?


Have a nice day ^^

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