Writer jizee Date 2017-02-02 11:30:14 View 882
Subject Rhinoplasty + Eye
1. please make recommendations for eye + nose. want to keep oriental and as natural looking as possible
2. approx. cost

Thank you :)

Thank you for e-mailing us.
We understand that you want some recommendations for your eyes and nose. but we regret that have no pictures of you to make a proper consultation.

and it is much better for us to see the status of you face to face so that we can proper judgement.

when it comes to the cost, Normally, Eye lids surgery will be 2,000,000~3,000,000 WON and Nose will be 4,000,000 ~6,000,000 Won.

But if you come and visit us, and decide to have both of them all together, we can give you discount in that price.

so please let me know the time and date when you are available.
We will make a reservation for you.

Thank you.

Have a nice day ^^

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