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Subject Double Eyelid Revision

I am a 23 year old female from the US (Korean-American).
7 years ago, I had double eyelid surgery to remove extra skin which caused multiple lines: (pic1)

One year later, I went back to the same doctor and tried to revise it. Here it is open and closed as of now:
(pic2 & pic3)

It has been 6 years since this surgery. Is it possible to remove the scar and to make the double eyelid more natural? Right now it is too big and deep which pulls my eyelashes up.

Are you able to give a price estimate?


Hello, miss
Thank you for asking us.
Here are the answers. First, your surgery method will be incision because you had already several times done before. By this surgery we can improve your eye problems though we can not correct it 100% since it's the revision.
The anesthesia will be sleeping way and we suggest you to stay in Korea at least 7 days.
It will cost about 4 - 5 million Korean won, but the exact price will be decided when you have a consultation in Korea.
To have more detailed consultation, please send us your photos( include front view and side view without makeup)

Again, thank you so much for requiring.
Best regards,
Apgujeong Plastic Surgery Clinic

Have a nice day ^^

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