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Subject Double Eyelid revision

I am looking to do revision for my eyelids, I want my eyes to look more bright and awake.

Full name: Tanya Tian Xin Yu

Date of Birth: 2nd November 1995

Gender: Female

Medical or plastic surgery history: Jan 2014

Allergy: None

Trip date: 8-15th Jan 2016.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello ~

Thank you for the mail ^^
Of course! We can fix your problems.
There are two ways of surgery: making an incision or without incision.
However, it is better for us to see your eyes face to face. Also, if you send a picture of your eyes it would be much better to understand.
Also, you want to make your pupil brighter, it would be possible while having a surgery.
It takes a week to recover from the surgery. The surgery will be spinal anesthesia and there is no any pain. So, you doní»t need to worry ~
For the completely recovering, it would take a few months.
If you want to know in detail, please send your picture of it.
And let us know your clear information when you want to have.
If you decide to come to Korea, please send your clear information such as dates, flight number, and so on.

Have a blessed day ~

Have a nice day ^^

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