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Subject Nipple Reduction, Breast Argumentation, Rhinoplasty and Fat Grafting

How are you? My name is Olivia and had done a few surgery by Doctor Lee in your clinic before. I will be traveling to Seoul this coming October. I would like to enhance my look and would like to find out more on the following surgeries:

1) Nipple Reduction
My nipples currently look dark, big and ugly and would like to reduce it.
a) Do you have this surgery?
b) Can the colour of my nipples to be changed to a lighter tone?
c) Will my nipple lose the sensitivity?
d) How long is the recovery?

2) Breast Argumentation
Currently my breast has shrunk to Cup A after breast feeding. And I would like to enlarge it to D cup if possible. And I would like to know:
a) Do you use tear drop shape polytech?
b) Do I need to massage my breast regularly after surgery?
c) Does it look and feel natural? Even squeezing it feels natural?
d) Can I do breast feeding after recovering from surgery?

3) Rhinoplasty
I would like to enhance my nose to make it higher. I have consulted Doctor Lee on this before and he mentioned that he uses the nose inner bone (cartilage) to make the nose higher. However I hope that it can look natural.
a) What is the recommended material use now?

4) Fat grafting on face
I have done it in your clinic before by Doctor Lee and also Misko. Now my face have become flat again. I would like to look more feminine. But I do not want my face to look big and chubby.

For all the surgeries mentioned, I would like Doctor Lee to perform. Could you please give me an estimation of the total cost? Usually Doctor Lee will give me a very good price. You should still have my record in your clinic.

Please advise and email me directly.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
We will get back to you by e-mail :)

Have a nice day ^^

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