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Subject Eyes and Nose
I would like to do my eyes and nose
for eyes:
1.) I have deep, dark hollow undereyes, I want to fix these with fat graft? will this last the longest? I want a dramatic change that lasts long, and I heard fillers only last a short time. What is the price for fat graft under eyes? will it droop when I'm older?
2.)I would like to have aegyosal contouring on top of fixing the hollows, is this a separate procedure? how much?
3.)For nose, I have a large pointy nose that has a bump, I want to make it much more curved and smaller likea skijump shape with a smaller, rounder tip. What procedures do you use for this and how much is the cost?
(third picture is how I want my nose)

I really want a dramatic makeover...


Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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