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Subject Surgery for round face and cost
Dear Apgujeong plastic surgery,

My name is Eric, im 29 years old Male from Indonesia. my ethnicity is
Chinese but living here. I will go to Korea in October, i already
bought the ticket but still finding a clinic, im hoping to get surgery
in your clinic.

I want to have plastic surgery to enhance my face. My main problem is
A little bit of double chin, my face looks round, especially when im smiling. And my
face doesn't look the same from right and left angle, i dont know why.

I already have double eyelid surgery in Indonesia,but i think it's too
big (the surgeon make the incision from inside of my eyelid). So my
eye look a little bit like a girl and not expressive.

I have some questions i hope you can answer them :

1. What surgery should i take to make my jawline more visible? should
i take chin implant or sliding genioplasty? Or maybe add with
liposuction on my chin area and cheek? (i have fat on my cheek also, i
think the left side of my cheek have more fat than the right one, how
about buccal fat removal)

2. I also want to have nose augmentation to make the bridge on my nose
higher, and more pointer, what procedure should i take? If using
silicone will the bridge move in the future?

3. Do your clinic have an eyebrow transplant procedure?

4. If i do the eye revision surgery, what will you do? will you open
the previous stitches? or just do ptosis? or combine maybe? will the
procedure hurt and how about the healing?

5. I also have dark circle under my eye, make me look tired and old,
what procedure should i get?

6. Do your clinic have skin treatment? what treatment to make my face
brighter and brighter? Should i do it before or after or at the same
time of the surgery?

7. How much is the surgery cost? I need to know the cost of the
surgery since im on a tight budget

I tried to attach my pictures here but cant. Do you have email address so i can send my picture there?

Thank you very much and im looking forward for your reply as soon as possible


Eric Steven

Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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