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Subject Rhinoplasty nose reshaping surgery/ Cost
Hi my name is Stephanie,

I am looking into having rhinoplasty done for myself. The before and after photos shown on your website are very impressive.

i was wondering how much will the procedures roughly cost and how long would i have to stay in Korea, for the procedure to be complete, including recovery. i am currently residing in Australia.

i am not too sure what is needed and required to be done on my nose, so i was wondering if you were able to give some suggestions.

This is what i would love my nose to look like: a smaller (narrow) base, sharper tip, maybe slightly higher bridge. Overall i would love to have a very natural looking nose that would suit best for my face. if its possible i am not very keen on the idea of implants, however if it is necessary, i will look into it.

Kind, Regards Stephanie.

Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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