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Subject Oculoplastic Surgery
Hi, i am from a country outside of Korea and for your information, one of my eye is actually slightly smaller than the other one (which i suspect it is due to minor palsy on my face which i encountered when i was a little kid). I have a nature borne double eyelid on one of my eye and the other one which is smaller is a single eyelid. I am now 30 years old, and i would like to would like to enquire about the following:-

1. How much does it cost for me (in Korean Won) to have the oculoplastic surgery done, in order to make both of my eyes look the same size? I saw from the before and after pictures on your website and noted that the after effect looks quite good/pretty.

2. As i am a working adult and i'm from overseas, i would like to know how long will it take for my eyes to recover (i.e. to look like normal without any sign of surgery) as i will need to resume work as soon as possible.

3. If i happened to be in Korea for the surgery, how long do i need to be in Korea? and if i may ask, how's the immigration procedures are like? since i might look different when i exit korea?

Thanks in advance for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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