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Subject eye revision
i had the eyelid surgery the first time when i was 16,and it makes my eyes become hollow eyes,because the doctor suck out too much fat from my upper lid,i just did my eyelid surgery the second time lately,and the result is suck too,the fold just too big,and my eyes still looks hallowing,besides,the doctor makes me to do the medial canthoplasty,in which she is not good at,and the result is i end up with really unnatural eyelid and two reddish keloid scars on the edge of my eyes,it just as big as pimple,and the scars annoyed me everytime i look at the mirror,i've upload some photos ,could you fix mye eyes and the scars?and can you make sure this time wouldnt be bad time surgery experience again?cause i dun want end up paying a lot of money for the worsen result,how much would it cost ,and how long should i stay,thx

Hi, I tried your olryeojusin photos well. In the past, had double eyelid surgery eyelid line is so high the sleepy girl a black Dong and unnatural and frustrating if you also have hidden. First of all, the eyelid line again to lower the thick line incision strength weak floating eyes obscured by black Dong for crisp, cool eyes eye colour through every correction. The front part of the scar with IM, but seem well get selection criteria, the odds are that much lower. The cost of the surgery, eyes correction re, postoperative recovery period and 350 are expected for a week or so. Stays abroad at a time to my house, but be sure to go to directly to my wish to Wuxi for more consultation and we will guide you to. Any questions, please contact us at any time.

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