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Subject Re: Combine surgery
Dear all,
I'm Bell from Singapore. My face is uneven as one side of my faces nerve doesn't work well due to accident when I was young, it results my nose is slanting and my lip corner drop down one side. I have a high cheek bone, flat and short forehead and short chin as well. I had a jaw surgery once before in Thailand but it was not a well done.
1) How much are the cost of V line surgery, Zygoma reduction, forehead, nose surgery and chin transplant? Please give the break down cost of each surgery.
2) Will there be any possibility to make my face more even? How many per cent improvement results can I expected?
3) How much combine cost in total if I do everything to make my face look balance and close to perfect accordingly to what I describe about my faces problem?
4) How long do I need to stay in Korea until I can recover?
5) Will I have scars on my face?
6) How long does it take to get fully recovered?
7) What do I have to get prepared before going there and have surgeries?
8) When is the earliest available slot?
9) Can I do everything in one time?

I probably will go there together with my friend and she also want to have a few surgery similar to me.
Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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