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Subject re operation
I uesd to do a nose and eyes plastic surgery before in korea but it not so good at that time. The septum is diviated and the shape is not so harmonize . I have recorrected the septum already but the slope of the nose still not harmonize like i want . I want the tip of noe a bit upward like a doll nose. And my left eyes is smaller than righ eye that is not corrected yet.
1. I want to do a re operation for my nose.
2. I want to do my left eye get big equal to the righ.
3. And i want to do a forehead and Back-head silicone implant too.
4. May i know the price for the V line for the chin (not v-line for the lower jaw because i used to do a lower jaw reduction already).
May i know the estimate cost of these Operation?
5. And if i go there for meeting first at this 12 Mar 2012 is it ok?
6. If i do surgery howlong do i have to stay in Korea?
7. How much of the cost of hotel per night?
8. Do i have a choice of hotel?
9. Any cost for limo airport pickup?
Thank you very much.


Thanks for your inquiry.
We will reply to you by e-mail soon.

Have a nice day ^^

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